What Is Mediation?

Separating from a partner can be a distressing time. Mediation is there to allow you to discuss practical matters in a neutral environment, and reach agreement in a calm and controlled manner, where you keep control of the process. Our mediators are completely impartial and are specially trained in assisting couples to agree on issues caused by the separation, whether that is the financial implications or arrangements for the children, or both.

The role of a mediator is to assist you both in resolving the issues you have, and not to give specific advice to either party. Our mediators are able to provide general legal information to the both of you within the mediation process where this is appropriate.

Mediation works well for a wide variety of people but it is most beneficial for those who are willing and able to negotiate with each other in a positive spirit, despite the separation. Mediation is useful when assessing the available options or the following:

  • Arrangements for Children
  • Child Maintenance Payments
  • The Division of Property and Finances including Savings and Pensions
  • The apportionment of joint debts and other liabilities
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