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What Is Mediation?

Mediation is an opportunity for recently separated couples to talk openly and honestly about the issues which are important to them, and the practical decisions they need to make after separating.

It allows them to work with trained professionals who are there to offer non-judgmental advice to help them achieve agreement on financial issues and arrangements for children.

Mediation gives separated couples the opportunity to improve their communication with one another at what is frequently a stressful and distressing time.

It provides a safe environment for couples to talk candidly with each other about the issues that concern them. The benefit of an impartial mediator allows both parties’ interests to be safeguarded, as the mediator will assist both to express their thoughts clearly and to find a compromise which may enable them reach agreement.

In recent years mediation has increased in popularity as it can save a lot of money in solicitors’ costs and allow couples to discuss their grievances in an open and constructive environment, then reach an agreement which works for them, and which can be put into a binding court order. Typically this is much cheaper than instructing solicitors, although both parties should take legal advice from a solicitor after they have reached agreement and before submitting it to the court.

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